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Beautiful oxeye daisy crop top Handmade crop top Yellow and White T-shirt Flowery design Marguerite pattern 3/4 sleeve


Beautiful summer handmade T-shirt/ Crop top with a flowery oxeye daisy design.
We were inspired by our logo when creating a graphic design (thanks to of this T-shirt. Thanks to cooperation with ehsisters who hand-sewed the first couple of Tees for us, we can now present you this brand new collection of T-shirts.

This crop top is made of cotton with a little bit of elastane.

Material: 100% cotton, elastane
Size: Uni, S-L (length: 53 cm, width: 51 cm Sleeves: length: 45cm and width: 15cm)
Method of production: sewing machine, handmade printing - screen printing

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