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Yellow hair wreath with adjustable flower arrangement Hair accessories Bridal accessories Floral hair crown Wedding accessories Floral crown

The flower hair wreath in yellow colours. The flower arrangement can be taken off and attached to any part of the wreath. It is suitable for weddings or other celebrations and is made of artificial flowers, leaves, wire, floristic tape and other trinkets used for arranging. The flower arrangement is adjustable and you can move it, you can wear it in the front, side or back of your hair :) ATTENTION !!! The material is fragile, so the wreath is not suitable for everyday use, but only for special occasions. The material may slightly fall off, but not in such a way that the overall appearance of the wreath would change or would be somehow degraded. However, it is normal when we use this material so you do not have to be worried :) We can also make you other matching accessories, PM me for more information :) Photo: Michaela durisova photography When stored in dark and dry place, our products last 10-15 years. All the items in my shop are customisable according to your needs. You can find more of my fashion accessories in my shop: