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Magaela, handmade with love...

At the beginning, I had a desire to create and to do something at my free time during university studies. It started with fimo material and continued with hand-sewn earrings and today Magaela is mainly about floral accessories. The first headpiece I have created was for myself and today we create them for many other people around the world.

Magaela is a Slovak handmade brand which was established in 2013. Our workshop is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. We make floral accessories for everyday look or special occasions such as proms, graduations and weddings. We can create tiaras, hair wreaths, hairpins, brooches, belts, shoe clips, necklaces, earrings and much more. We also make bridal bouquets, groom's boutonnieres, bridesmaids bracelets and we do not forget about pets to whom we make floral collars.

When we create we close our eyes and open our hearts. We believe that there is a fairy hidden in each woman. The material we use is from the whole world and we take care about the quality and authenticity. We want our products to be unrecognizable from the ones made from fresh flowers and therefore we use a lot of natural materials which differentiate us from competitors. We often arrange and dye flowers used in our products. The source of our inspiration is nature, folklore and traditions.

Some of our products are so popular that they were made hundreds or thousands of times and have many owners around the world, other products or designs are limited and can have only one or two owners. A huge amount of our products is created on request. Customised. A bride approaches us and explains that she has got a bouquet and wishes to customise other accessories to match her bouquet and we are happy to do that. We create accessories from specific flowers and we adapt our products to dresses or decorations, we make secret dreams come true. All you need is to write to us. We will consult your idea, create products and send photos to approve the final design. It is very important that each of our customers is happy with the final result. Once the products/designs are approved, we arrange payment and delivery.

We take photos of our products ourselves. The first product photos were very funny, but we bought a quality camera, books and now they look much better. In addition, we collaborate with many photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers and bloggers who have honored us with their interest. We prefer, however, photos from our satisfied customers that they share with us.

The workshop was founded by Michaela and Roman. Currently, our team consists of seven members. Roman is in charge of the administration, in his free time he likes playing the drums. Michaela is a head of the workshop and prefers to create products that, in her opinion, are a reflection of what she has seen in nature. She likes hiking with her husband and her dog, music is an integral part of her life. Tattoo and pineapple lover Barbora and assistants Veronika and Sabi create products for you. Zuzka and Roman prepare packages to be sent. Lucka, who lives in Spain, takes care of communication with foreign customers, Nika is the workshop's PR manager. The workshop is open every business day from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, communication with the customers 7 days a week and even in the evenings. We are always very happy to answer your questions, just leave us a message.

If we talk about visions of Magaela workshop, the main idea is to not stay in one place but to constantly improve and to bring something that will delight our customers. We want to show all women that there is a fairy sleeping in them, a fairy that can be woken up ... at any age, regardless of differences.

Magaela team